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Factory Inspection

TUV SW provides factory inspection services to customers with its professional background. TUV SW engineering team has rich experience and is familiar with various international standards and systems.

TUV SW can provide below services:

Inspection & Audit

  1. Welding control system audit
  2. Qualification and certificate audit
  3. Factory production ability & capacity audit
  4. Product quality control inspection
  5. Experience and standard use status

Documents Review Before Manufacture

  1. Review ITP
  2. Review Welding Process Documents (PQR, WPS, Welding instruction)
  3. Review Qualification of Welder and NDT Personnel
  4. Review Heat Treatment Procedure/Instruction
  5. Review NDT Procedure/Instruction
  6. Review Painting Procedure/Instruction
  7. Review Pressure Test, Routine Test Procedure/Instruction
  8. Review Packing Procedure/Instruction

Raw Material Inspection

  1. Material certificate review
  2. Chemical composition and mechanical property test witness
  3. Material dimensional inspection

Witness / Hold Point Inspection

  1. Attend the witness point (W) and hold points (H) inspection according to the ITP agreed between buyer and supplier

Shop Inspection

  1. Arrange resident engineer who represent the buyer carry out daily inspection according to process documents agreed between buyer and supplier.
  2. Submit weekly or daily report regularly
  3. Assist client to deal with non-conformity and other quality issues during manufacturing process
  4. Review and verify quality documents of manufacturing

Performance / Commissioning Test Witness

  1. Arrange engineer witness performance/ commissioning test according to client’s requirement
  2. Review manufacture documents before test
  3. Comprehensive inspection product overall appearance

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