ISO 22000: An Integral Part of the Food Safety Regimen

ISO 22000

The ISO 22000 certification is very important for organizations that produce, distribute or work with food-based products in a commercial capacity. The consequences of retailing unsafe and spoilt food products can be extremely serious. The ISO 22000 food safety management standards can help organizations actively identify and, thereby, control various food safety hazards. As of today, many food products and related items regularly cross geographic boundaries. This makes it vital to rigidly enforce safety standards in order to ensure that quality is maintained.

Companies that deal with food and food-related products also carry a massive responsibility with regard to the health, hygiene, and safety concerns of the communities they serve. Here, it is pertinent to note that ISO 22000 that this certification actively maps out the procedures that an organization needs to follow in order to demonstrate its intrinsic ability to control different types of food safety hazards so as to ensure that all food items are safe. These standards are applicable to any food-based organization irrespective of its overall size or position in the food chain.

Core Principles of the Certification

The ISO 22000 certificate incorporates the following important principles:

  • Multiple prerequisite programs that also include sound manufacturing techniques
  • Systematic management of food production and distribution
  • Interactive communication between all stakeholders
  • Hazard analysis and critical control point principles (HACCP)

This certification is different from many others because it does not have any specific requirements with regard to any prerequisite programs (PRPs). On the contrary, it entails that the organization both identifies and implements the appropriate programs as per their own requirements. This makes it considerably more flexible and, therefore, food organizations of all types can adhere to ISO 22000 certificate standards.

Key Advantages

The major benefits of an ISO 22000 certification for a food-related organization include the following:

  • It demonstrates the organization’s continuous and ongoing commitment to food safety
  • It is a benchmark of integrity in the market
  • It significantly enhances consumer confidence in the brand and the product that bears this certificate
  • It can effectively address consumer concerns regarding the quality of the organization’s food products
  • It provides effective safeguards to ensure quality so that the products can fulfill all legal and other statutory requirements
  • It guarantees that communication and coordination at every step of the food supply chain management system is effective
  • It ensures continuous improvement through the control of various food safety hazards


We at  SWTUV are dedicated to meeting safety standards in the food industry. We have plenty of experience in ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications. Furthermore, we always ensure that we are always up to date regarding the many revisions issued by the ISO, allowing you to run your food business without any issues.