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Medical PPE's Inspection and Testing

Testing and certification for medical PPE products ensures they meet the regulatory requirements for their destination market.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a mainstay of health and medical systems the world over. Providing a barrier between patients, medical staff and even members of the public, to help them avoid contact with blood and bodily fluids, or contaminated airborne particles, medical PPE must meet stringent safety requirements.

Many countries have PPE regulations and standards; there is little or no harmonization. At TUVSW, we have a global network of PPE experts and accredited testing laboratories that can help you bring products to market quickly and efficiently.

Which Medical PPE Products Can TUVSW Test and Certify?

We have expertise across the category, but the most frequently requested items are:

  • PPE Masks (Single use & surgical medical mask, and pollution masks)
  • PPE Gloves (Medical gloves – latex, vinyl & other protective gloves for professional use)
  • Protective Clothing & Footwear (medical gowns, life vests & high-visibility vests)
  • Eye & Face Shields
  • COVID – 19 Test Kits
  • Verification of FDA and CE Marking
  • Other PPE for Leisure Purposes (bike helmets, diving suits and many others)

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