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Supplier Audit

A supplier audit is conducted to assess the effectiveness with which supply processes and procedures provided by suppliers are conducted. A supplier is external to business as third parties, yet, their role in organizational productivity is prominent. Suppliers cannot be managed, but they can be assessed, hence a supplier audit.

SWTUV prides to be an effective certification body and have a track record of providing our clients with certification that guarantee confidence and trust.

Through our audits, we assure that our clients are provided with genuine progress in quality management.


A supplier audit extends the reliability on the services of a supplier. This audit guarantees a supplier commitment in relevance to organizational policies and procedures. Verily, a supplier audit documents the supplier- organization relationship so that supplier activities are compliant.


  • Assure organizational brand reputation
  • Guaranteed and assured supplier network services
  • Enhanced stakeholder satisfaction
  • Increased resilience to third party activities.


A supplier audit follows the policies and procedures to assess the activities of supplier (third party) activities on business and its stakeholders.

Efficient supply chain networks can have huge impacts on business productivity, and our audit assessments will let you achieve it.


Whether you are a beginner or somewhat aware of the audit, yet Supplier audit would appear to be a long endeavour.  Assume supplier audit to be a standard against which you want to benchmark your organization.

We can assure that with limited efforts you will seek your audit through us.

Money Matters

We provide a transparent and an affordable path towards audit. We do offer a number of fair deal alternatives such as interest-free staged payments, fixed fee guarantee and price match promise. These make us highly recommendable.

We deliver an experienced service as we are one of the few accredited certification bodies in UAE. We ensure that our clients also receive the most contemporary benefits.  Contact us for a comprehensive tour of the Supplier audit services in the simplest yet beneficial ways.

Seek Supplier audit services through SWTUV and make a leap towards efficient supply chain and distribution function of your business.