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Vendor Inspection & Expediting

Manufacturers are obliged to comply with several local and international regulatory requirements and legislations before they can conduct their operations in a certain country or location.

When it comes to new construction and maintenance of existing plants, Vendor Inspection & Expediting is an integral part of the purchasing activity, in order to ensure quality, product specifications and that the established schedules are met. 

Assuring know-how, independence and expertise, TUVSW provides specialized Engineers and technicians to cover all site project needs, mitigate risks and to achieve success.

TUVSW Vendor Inspection & Expediting services include:

  • Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) Approval;
  • Review and Confirmation of Construction Materials;
  • Dimensional Inspection;
  • Visual Inspection;
  • Welding Inspection;
  • Non-Destructive Examination (NDE);
  • PMI / Alloy Verification (AV);
  • Destructive Testing;
  • Pressure / Leak Testing;
  • Performance / Functional Testing;
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT);
  • Coating Inspection;
  • Final Acceptance;
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI);
  • Desk and Field Expediting.

TUVSW is an accredited and certified inspection company, offering a full range of services dedicated to inspection and testing, and the necessary knowledge to support its clients throughout the assets’ lifecycle.

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