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ISO 31000:2018 Internal Auditor Training

Course Overview

The Internal Audit Course for Risk Management(RM) focuses providing skills and knowledge to persons wish to conduct internal audits based on ISO 31000 or wish to attend higher level of trainings e.g. lead auditor etc.

Duration: 2 Days

Contents of Training:

  •  Structure & Overview of ISO 31000:2018
  • RM Fundamentals & Principles
  • Thorough Review ISO 31000 Requirements
    • Each Requirement is discuss in this section and possible ways of compliance are reviewed
    • Excises are being done for continued assessment of candidates
  • Auditing & Thorough Review of ISO 19011
    • Planning, Arranging, Conducting, Reporting and doing follow-up of audit
    • Managing Audit Program and resources of audits
  • Examination

Who is it For:

All level of internal auditors or person willing to become certified internal auditor and wishing to attend higher level courses such as Lead Auditor courses.

Objectives of Training:

To gain skills, knowledge and competence required for conducting required internal audits of risk management system requirements based on ISO 31000 inline with guidelines of ISO 19011.


Prior Knowledge of ISO 31000 and Language Competence.


Continuous Assessment during training & 45 min Objective and Subjective type written exam.


Internal auditor training certificate for successful candidates in examination and Training attendance certificate for failed candidates.

Languages We Offer:

  • English
  • Hindi/Urdu
  • Tamil/Malayalam
  • Arabic

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