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The Most Trusted Property Inspection Team in UAE,
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Owning a property is a long-held dream. If you are in the final stages of buying a new property, you should be concerned about getting a thorough expertise advice about the defects in the property before taking its delivery.

It is important to get a property assessed for defects before taking over it as such defects might have implications on your ownership in future.

Having right professional support and expert knowledge serves a great support at this time. It boosts your confidence to take over your property in the best possible conditions.

SWTUV Solution:

At SWTUV, We pride to possess high experience with property inspection. We have range of expert engineers who can identify and advise you on mitigating the potential risks associated with the property you are about to own.

This not only gets you a peace of mind at present but also prevent you from falling trap to unending repair and maintenance costs.

Our services are not limited not only to oral expert advises, but verbal report that highlights the observed errors. This ensures you with evidence to pursue your contractor and get the necessary workmanship done. Precisely, we make effort to add value to your dream in every concise manner.

Our range of services is apt for:

  • Residential Spaces like villas, Apartments, townhouses
  • Official/commercial Spaces such as restaurants, retails, offices
  • Holiday homes

Our services intend to render our clients with:

  • An assured purchase decision
  • Peace of mind
  • Prevention of repair and maintenance costs
  • Knowledge of future ownership challenges.

We emphasise the importance of quality along with affordability. We appreciate your efforts and so our endeavour is to exceed your requirements.

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