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QA/QC Inspection Services

SWTUV prides to be one of the leading company, as we engage in providing with a range of quality assurance and quality control assistance with high precision. One of such services is the QA/QC Inspection.

Quality and safety at work are the primary dominant factors which we are committed to. This is one of the reasons as to why we are able to meet our customer requirements in a timely, cost-effective and safe manner.

Why Chose Us?

We specialize at providing inspection coverage to call outs, for long and short-term projects as well. We have our own network across different regions. This is why we are able to offer cover for various types of inspection.

Our QA/QC inspection range periodically from weekly to monthly. We do possess qualified and experienced staffs.

We offering 24×7 service for below categories:

  • Inspection Surveillance
  • Expedition
  • TPI QA/QC Coverage
  • QC & NDE backlog removal
  • NCR Closeout
  • ITP, Report formats preparation/review
  • < Welding procedure qualification record (PQR) and Welding procedure specification (WPS)
  • Brazing procedure qualification and operator qualification
  • Welder certification/Renewal
  • Witnessing of pressure/Pneumatic testing
  • Witnessing of Blasting and coating Inspections
  • Coating Condition monitoring
  • Coating destructive testing (Pull off test )
  • Welding QC (cswip3.1,3.2,AWS) hiring/Supply
  • Coating/painting QC (NACE 1,2,3 BGAS 1,2,3) hiring/Supply
  • Safety inspectors supply
  • In-service API 570 Pipeline inspection
  • In-service API 510 Pressure vessel inspection
  • In-service API 650/653 Storage tank inspection
  • In-service Risk based inspection
  • Structures/pressure vessels inspection
  • Steel renewal inspection
  • Shut down inspections and supply of technical manpower

Areas We Serve:

  • Offshore structures/platforms
  • Drilling Riggs/Ships
  • Wind carriers Ships
  • Container ships
  • Dredging vessels
  • Floating storage and production unit (FPSO)
  • Mobile offshore and production unit (MOPU)
  • Barges
  • Diving vessels
  • boilers and pressure vessels
  • Pontoons and bridges
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Oil and gas bulk plants and terminals
  • Power plants
  • Storage tanks and associated facilities
  • Pipe lines
  • Building towers