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Rope Access

SWTUV is Renowned for delivering complex projects safely in any environment operating Ground Engineering and Asset Integrity Management businesses.some of Our expiates are as below

  • Rapid installation and dismantling of the access system.-Time Saving
  • Minimum disruption to other ongoing operations unlike traditional forms of access like scaffoldings which require large amounts of material & manpower.
  • Access provision can be a significant proportion of any project’s costs since it can replace the traditional solutions and offer clients significant savings.
  • Single point of Contact
  • The versatility of rope access services permits a more flexible and comprehensive service.
  • Rope systems are unobtrusive; it benefits the clients who wish to retain the visual integrity of the structure during inspection and maintenance.
  • By minimizing disruption at ground level, Rope access often allows other trades to continue working when compared with the disruption caused by scaffolding.
  • By avoiding a loading project with high initial costs, Rope access may allow work to proceed earlier thereby minimizing structural damage.

Rope Access-NDT & Maintenance Services :

  • Ultrasonic thickness Gauging.
  • Advanced NDT services.
  • Offshore-Installation and Maintenance.
  • Structural integrity surveys.
  • Video graphic/ Visual inspection surveys.
  • Dropped Object Surveys
  • Derrick Installation, Inspection and maintenance.
  • Jetty inspections.
  • Power Station Inspection and Maintenance.
  • Industrial Cleaning/Inspection/Maintenance.
  • Flare Tip removal and Maintenance.
  • Coating Application and Inspection.
  • Pipe Installation, inspection and Maintenance.
  • Air Well Inspection and Maintenance