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Certification Process - How to Get Certified

International standard Organization (ISO) develops international standards such as ISO 9001; 14001 etc. Certification is an efficient tool for organizations as they add credibility. While certification is a legal requirement in some sectors; in others it is considered as a source to competitiveness. An ISO certification demonstrates that an organization meet the requirements of internationally recognised quality standards.

Certification Process:

1) Inquiry Form:
Seeking an inquiry form enables in identifying scope, size of the firm and complexity. This will enable us to decide the best possible prices. And then, We will assign you a dedicated client manager for you!

2) Training (Optional):
We can provide workshops, seminars or training courses to help them your people to understand the standards and its awareness.

3) Pre Assessment:
This is an optional pre-assessment service. Through this we will be in a better position to peek into your existing systems.

4) Formal Assessment:
This is a formal assessment where in audits are conducted and strategies are revised and implemented

5) Certification & Marks:
We’ll issuing a certificate of registration, clearly outline your scope of your certification.

The application of process will vary from sector and volume of business transactions. Please contact us for getting a detailed idea about the certification process.