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Lifting Gear Inspection

SWTUV provides a complete range of lifting gear inspection services for both the onshore and offshore sectors. We ensure that improved HSE is adhered to and the inspection is considered in accordance to the required and legal standards.

Lifting Gear Inspection

Lifting gear inspection includes the examination of the conditions of lifting gear. There are international standards and local law governing these inspections. For firms operating on these gears, it is important that they abide by legal compliances.

At SWTUV, We are well equipped to Carried out proof load testing & examinations for slings and other lifting gear/device with our qualified personnel, who identify potential abnormalities, fortify proper handling and storage, ensure compliance with applied safety standards and legal requirements (e.g CoP 34.0). A written inspection report is provided following each inspection.


The SWTUV Certification Mark is based on a distinctive octagonal design that people instantly associate with SWTUV. The marks serve as excellent marketing tools, enhancing the value of your brand and inspiring greater confidence among your business partners and end users.


The SWTUV brands enjoy comprehensive legal protection in practically every country in the world.  For SWTUV clients throughout the world, the brand name and the red circle, normal red color have come to represent enhanced certainty and added economic value.

Lifting Gear Inspection


  • ISO 17020 Accredited
  •  Years of Expertise & Experience
  • Multi Skilled Team of Engineers
  • Expert Advice and Customised Services
  • Accurate Checks and Written Reports on Inspection
  • Competent About the Legal Requirements (CoP 34.0) relevant to the investigations.

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