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Third Party Inspection

Third party inspection refers to independent inspection services. While first and second inspections are conducted by sellers and buyers respectively, ISO 17020 require for third-party inspections which are conducted by parties other than buyers and sellers.

Third Party Inspection

The prominence of third party inspection is well-understood by us. We define inspection, testing, verification and certification of all sorts of third party inspection to the extent that is unmatchable.

ISO 17020 requires impartial and independent inspection to be carried on behalf of the consumers and vendors. This is to enable either of the parties to arrive at a rational judgement about the products and services

The unbiased and independent features of a third-party inspection body are very important factor. According to the requirements of the ISO standard, a third party inspection body must not be involved with the service seeking organizations and their stakeholders


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Third Party Inspection

We generate expert inspection on wide range of cranes, earth moving equipment, and various other equipment at the vendor sites.