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Associate Consultant (AC) Programme

Our Associate Consultant (AC) Programme is designed for Individual Consultants & Consultancy Firms. We operate Associate Consultant(AC) Programme to support our clients around the world.

Note: As an accredited certification body, we don’t provide consultancy services.

Benefits of Joining Associate Consultant Programme:

  • You will get upto 25% discount for all relevant services.
  • We will refer you or your consultancy firm details to inquiring clients.
  • You will get Associate Consultant (AC) Programme Certificate.
  • We provide you with the SWTUV AC mark. It can be used on any client facing documents including marketing collateral, business cards, letterheads, website & social media profiles.


  • Share atleast 2 Successful Leads per annum.
  • Continues to Promote SWTUV to your client base.

Join as Associate Consultant:

Please fill up the below form to apply today. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at email [email protected]