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Amusement Park Ride / Device Safety Inspection

Theme Park Ride Device Safety Inspection

We at SWTUV having extensive experience on providing consistent, logical and practical approach for comprehensive service to the amusement and leisure industry.

SWTUV embraces all aspects of ride design analysis, procurement, initial and independent examination, Testing, NDT/ NDE and certification of all types of amusement rides/ devices and attractions including theme parks, water park, adventure pools and fairgrounds.

We provide professional service for ride/device operators with all necessary inspections and assessments to help them achieve maximum safety in accordance with standard requirement/ code of practice.

SWTUV presence will ensure safety of water park and amusement parks for existing amusement rides/devices according to BS EN 13814, ISO 17842-1,2 and 3 and ASTM standards. The safety of playground equipment and installations for public or domestic use are governed by stringent national and international standards and guidelines.

Scope of Services :

  • Inspection of temporary structures
  • Analysis of Electrical and Electronic components
  • Prior to entry into service as well as in-service inspection
  • Analysis of structural, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Inspection of manufacturing and construction process
  • Welding and material approval
  • Welders approval
  • Review of installation, maintenance and operation manuals
  • Verification of static evaluations
  • Electrical safety and emergency functions testing (backup systems)
  • Functional testing of ride movements (e.g.: clearances, interlocking, pressure relief valves, brakes, speed and acceleration)
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Why Choose SWTUV?

  • Leader in Inspection Services.
  • Highly Experienced Team of Professionals.
  • Accredited by Several Authorities.

How We Can Help You?

We provide the inspection services necessary to ensure your rides comply to quality and safety regulations. Talk with one of our experts!