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Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

SWTUV assists with customized inspection services based on each customized requirement of every client. Our services include inspection, testing, verification and certification. We experiences in conducting a fall protection tests before and after use of the equipment is of paramount importance. It ensures safety and confidence.

Fall Protection Inspection Big

You ought to play very safe while working on heights. Hence one of the ranges of our offerings is our fall protection equipment inspections.

Our scope extends a full inspection for the following:

  • Lanyards
  • Derrick Clamp Ass. Line
  • Fall Arrester
  • Visual examinations for the safety harness
  • Periodic inspections and reports

Interested to know more about fall protection equipment Inspection?

At SWTUV, we understand the importance of regular inspection and its implications on the smooth and undisrupted running of operations.

Contact Us today to gain deeper insights about fall protection equipment inspection procedures. Our goal is to help you sustain an accident prone and zero hazardous workplace