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Elevator & Escalator Inspection

SWTUV offers an experienced and qualified tests, certification and advisory documentation for elevator-escalator. This helps in saving not only time and costs but also prevent hazards. We pride to assist you with an exceptional accredited expertise gained over ten years to conduct Elevator and Escalator Inspection.

Elevator and Escalator Inspection Big

Elevator and Escalator are gifts of technology for modern life. They are efficient means for passenger and cargo mobility within huge premises including multi-storey residences, offices, and public areas like malls, airports and railway stations etc.

It is indeed no doubt, that much of the commute and mobility are facilitated by these means. Hence a cautious inspection of these means is prominent. An efficient inspection is key to an uninterrupted mobility, and prevent hazardous accidents


  • ISO 17020 Accredited
  • Assessment for the right adjustment of the safety gears
  • Verifying the re-levelling device periodically
  • Hydraulic safety valves checks
  • Determining Kinetically properties of elevator doors
  • Measurement of physical values

We also offer services like traction determination, valuation of re-levelling devices and safety gear adjustments and assessments without any test weight requirement. If you require further information on elevator & escalator inspection services, please contact us