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Lifting Machines Inspection

At SWTUV, We aim to promote an uninterrupted work philosophy.  We address each equipment needs individually. Our services include inspection, testing, verification and certification of all sorts of lifting and hoisting equipment.  We have ten successful years of experience in this.

Lifting Machine Inspection Big

Lift machines are prone to severe wear and tear. This is because they are something utilised on a routine basis. This has to be checked on frequent intervals to prevent the deterioration of machines in short and long run. This will also result in incurring huge asset maintenance expenses and hazardous threat for manpower.  Regular inspection of lift machines is hence significant.

We Inspect:

  • Air Winches
  • Wire Rope Hoists
  • Man Rider Winches
  • Beam Trolley
  • Chain Hoists
  • and Lever Hoists


  • ISO 17020 Accredited
  • Provide a periodic inspection which detect repairs & replacements at early stage
  • Exceptional expertise and professional approach
  • Cost, time and resource benefiting
  • Timely deduction of stress on winches, ropes and their elasticity.

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