TOP 5 Reasons why Hoteliers must have HACCP certification

Top Five Reasons Why Hoteliers must have HACCP Certification

Food Borne Illnesses – A global Concern:

Food safety management is acknowledged of being one of the major concerns in recent times. Food safety is every ones’ responsibility who are involved in food chain be it the food producers, distributors and ends till it is consumed. In order to prevent the food from being contaminated at any point of this ‘Farm to Fork’ continuum, ISO 22001 links with HACCP to ensure food safety.

Significance of HACCP certification:

Food sector is highly regulated. There are barely any countries exempted from the food standards impositions and HACCP is an important element in it. HACCP is further significant because it is integrated into process and not relied upon the end-product test. Furthermore, Process approach of HACCP is recommended by FDA also for retail and hospitality sectors. It divides food into broad categories on the basis of stages undergone in food preparation.

Here we bring the top 5 reasons why hoteliers must have HACCP accreditation and how their business can benefit from the same.

Organized process to produce safe food:

HACCP includes a systematic study of the ingredients. This includes the products used in cooking, the conditions of processing and handling food, packaging and distribution and check on food fit for consumption.

HACCP analysis is systematic enough to help hoteliers identify the sensitive areas in whole food chain process. Such guide helps in controlling various contamination’s thus promoting safe food for consumption.

Systematic approach:

HACCP provides systematic practices for Hoteliers. For instance,

  • 3 Sink system
  • Temperature consistencies for food maintenance
  • Temperature consistencies for food serving (Hot/Cold)
  • Storage Consistencies
  • Conditions on use of relevant chopping boards.

Stakeholder Assurance:

A business has to satisfy all its stakeholders. This not only includes the consumer, but the suppliers, the employees, partners, competitors, legal and government authorities. By promoting safe food, hotelier can be ensured of its quality and need not worry about any potential threat to the business. Additionally, business works steadily towards high profits thus making all its stakeholders happy and safe.  Hotels can also anticipate to multiply their revenues through HACCP certification as their credibility is increased. Yes! HACCP certified firms signify increased food safety standards when compared to food businesses that are not HACCP certified.

Law Abiding:

Technology, Social Media are playing great role in creating consumer awareness. It is quiet common to see many hotels sealed up due to failure of food safety management. Some of the common negligence that Hotels can land on due to lack of HACCP certification include food poisoning, uncontrolled use of restricted food agents, poor hygiene etc. With HACCP certification, hotel business can sigh a relief as they have proper guidance to overcome such minute yet big difference making activities. HACCP certification promotes a hotels’ legal transparency.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) the all social good mantra for hotel business is key to success. HACCP certification promotes a social awareness which benefits everyone in the food value chain. When a Hotel is accredited of HACCP certification, it is rendered with an obligation to involve all its value chain networks to maintain the HACCP led standards. An overall benefit to the society and business of all other value chain vendors is also benefitted. Within Hotels, all employees are influenced to work as a team with individual self-efficacy towards HACCP led pathway.

The HACCP certification list is not limited only to above, the list goes on vividly across different sectors. If you are an hotelier seeking to get HACCP certification, then it is time you contact us right now to know more!!!